Booster Club Meeting-

3rd Monday of the Month at 6:00.m. in the library

No November meeting

Next Meeting December 4th

Come be a part of PHS and make a difference!

Here are the minutes from the Oct. meeting and please note there is not meeting in November!

December 4th at 6:00 will be the next meeting.  Dinner will be served!

Cookie Harvest flyer is also attached!

One Murdochs gift wrapping date has been set for Black Friday, November 24th from 8-4:00!  Jackie will send signup sheet.

Minutes Booster Club 10.24.17

Meeting called to order at 6:05– Tacos were served

Felicia read secretary report from August meeting- Jane motioned to approve and Eric 2nd.

Treasurer’s Report- Jackie- $2724.28 after all bills paid, savings $1818.12

Athletic Report-

Old Business-

            Trailer tires- Charlie will take the trailer to Pine Country and get tires and chain fixed

            RAK- all fall sports have been done; Jackie made inspirational quotes to put on card stock and we will get winter sports done during one of the meetings

New Business-

  • Table sales are a big success!
  • Parent/ Teacher Conferences- November 9th- we are not going to have a table to sell items because we have not made anything.  Discussion about if we should continue/ renew the booster club membership.  We will revisit this topic in January.
  • Wine plates will be used at the craft fair for cookie harvest sold for $6.00.
  • Need to order more product- Eric will get hats ordered from B & H
  • Online ordering- Eric will get this set up mid November
  • Dining at Dos- Gregg will get thee dates filled

o    Nov. 1st-

o    Dec. 6th

o    Jan. 3rd

  • Early Release Monday– status of the sign up sheet
  • City Market will be sending a check for the 3rd quarter $517.30
  • AmazonSmile- how can we get the word out about utilizing this free service; would could get a kickback from amazon; Felicia will have Hannah add this to newsletter, Booster Club is signed up for this; Jane will work on this
  • Craft Fair (cookie harvest)-
  • Gift Wrapping at Murdochs- Felicia will contact Murdochs and set up several days for the fundraiser
  • Newsletter- change the blurb to about who Booster club is to adding upcoming- and also a peachjar flyer
  • Next Meeting- December 4th
  • Meeting Adjourned- 7:40

Jackie Raley for more information